Changelog for bSeolized shadowMaker v6.8

NewNew token [JUMBLE]
FixFixed bug with blank filetype in dripfeeding
FixXML entities in sitemap pages are now escaped
FixFixed issue with multi-frame input images
ImprImproved performance of various low level functions
NewNew option Custom URL format in File settings tab, supports all template tokens
NewNew option Custom keyword template in File settings tab, supports all template tokens
NewNew option Custom input templates dir in Site style and input tab. Path must be relative from 'input/' dir; hit 'Save parameter file' button after changing it
FixFixed spintax support for full sentence content mode
FixFixed silo pagination bug on gzip enabled sites
NewNew tokens [CACHE_SET] and [CACHE_GET]
NewAdded new $repeat iterator for 'source=' in special pages. See for details
NewAdded support for normal tokens in 'url=' in special page header line
FixFixed small issue with [KW] token caching
FixFixed bug with 'Disable image transformation' in domain group settings
ImprIt is now possible to use any tokens inside of [RANDOM_LINKS][/RANDOM_LINKS], but you need to wrap it in '_' - for example: [_CASE_TITLE_][RANDOM_LINK_KEYWORD][_/CASE_TITLE_]
ImprAdded possibility of using tokens in the special page url format string
Impr[SCONTENT,1-2] now will always use full sentence content engine, despite the settings
NewIf you add 'phantompage-ignore.html' file into the template directory, only index, sitemap and special pages will be generated
FixFixed bug in [SCONTENT]
ImprSupport for non-gzipped html files on gzip-enabled sites
NewNew keyword jumble option
NewNew option: Custom [INTERN_LINK] templates
NewNew 'Full sentence mode' for content generation
NewNew 'Custom template tokens' option (Input tab). forum post
NewNew 'Disable image transformation' option
NewNew <<TEMPLATE>> token for redirect urls
FixFixed bugs in [SILO_KEYWORD_TIER#] tokens
ImprAdded support for almost all tokens in title templates
ImprCustom .html files are now copied from the template even if it doesn't contain special page header
ImprAdded early directory existance check for selected templates to avoid failing to use template deleted by 'Delete templates once used' option
FixFixed another bug in stopwords logic
FixFixed bug with '1' appearing at the end of sentence if it contained too many stopwords
FixFixed encoding issue with silo CSV
ImprBetter handling of 'Redirect human traffic on non-existing pages' for sites with disabled cloaking
FixFixed small bug with [SPIN]
FixFixed bug in [NUM] token
FixFixed 'Disable cloaking' checkbox
FixFixed leftover tokens unprocessed on sitemap page in some conditions
FixFixed small bug in image generation process
NewAdded new status code for redirects: 410
NewCreatesite: added 'Disable cloaking' option in Redirects tab
FixFixed bug with detection of SE hits made in recent Firefox
NewCreatesite: added 'frame:URL' and 'iframe:URL' redirect options
NewNew token: [HTTP]
FixFixed issue with dripfeeding for projects with utf8 characters in the main keyword
FixFixed one more issue with [EXTERN_LINK] injection
NewNew token: [INDEX_KEYWORD]
ImprAdded support for <number> in [CSV<number>,<field>]
FixGetURLs: adjusted Bing and Yahoo parsing patterns for latest serp changes
ImprGetURLs: handle Windows and Mac OSX format of input keywords file
FixInjection of [EXTERN_LINK] and [INTERN_LINK] could sometimes break other tokens
ImprCustom separator support for [SPIN]. Example: [SPIN2,**]one**two**three[/SPIN2]
NewCSV datafeed support. forum post
NewRedirects for non-existing pages
New<<RANDOM_STRING>> in redirects. See 'Redirect' tab for help.
FixFixed another bug in dripfeeding
ImprAdded [KEYWORD] token support for RSS titles
FixFixed bug in dripfeeding causing db to grow too much
FixAdded support for CentOS 7.1 for free memory monitoring in statistics
NewNew template token: [PROJECT]
ImprGetURLS: Adjusted for changes in google SERP
FixSilo: In some conditions empty top categories could have been produced
ImprAdded new Cloudflare IP range
ImprPerformance optimization
FixDo not show links to special pages in silo blocks
FixFixed UTF8 issues with CSV keyword redirects
FixFixed processing of special page header line in minified templates
FixIf there is only one domain in the project and 'Percentage of links for batch interlinking' is set to non-zero, 'http:///' links could be produced. Now such links are removed
FixSilo: In some conditions 'Amount of tier1 categories' setting was ignored
ImprAdded offset for [REPEAT] token: [REPEAT,amount,offset]. For example, [REPEAT,3,5]iteration#[REPEAT_CNT] [/REPEAT] will produce 'iteration#5 iteration#6 iteration#7'
ImprSimplified redirect options. Instead of 403/404 radio buttons you can now write 404 or 403 in to the redirect url field
NewNew image generator algo. Now you can see image generation phase progress
FixFixed some of settings not being saved in domain groups
FixStatistics: Fixed SE tab from skipping localized google searches
ImprChanged domain groups interlinking to always add internal links on domains with no self group selected
NewSpecial pages in templates. See forum post for details
NewCustom special rules file: /var/www/centralx/special_rules_custom.yml
ImprAdded Check Indexation button to Trafficless tab
ImprSticky [CHANCE#] tokens, where # is a number. Forum post
ImprUpdated TLD list
NewNew option 'Percentage of links for batch interlinking'
NewNew option 'Probability to convert INTERN_LINK to external link'
FixFixed duplicate keywords in silo CSV function
ImprSwitched per-site config file format to YAML
FixStatistics: small fix for 'Check indexation' algo
NewStatistics: 'Check indexation' button in Domains tab
FixFixed garbage passed to <<KEYWORD>> for some yahoo hits
ImprCSV input file support for meta keywords
ImprAdded more accurate and more efficient way to extract main keyword for CSV based redirects and <<KEYWORD>>
NewGetURLs: Max number of URLs per keyword option
NewGetURLs: SOCKS5/HTTP proxy support
ImprSpecial rules: rdns, domains, type(human/spider) checks support
ImprSpecial rules: IP blocks support. See example in the bundled special_rules.yml
ImprSpecial rules: default special_rules.yml contains new rules to give spider content to google-proxy IPs with special UAs and give 504 timeout error to other UAs
ImprImproved performance and stability of silo CSV input
NewAdded 'Deep interlinking' option for silo. For example, on tier1 pages it will link to all of the children and grand children all the way down to the last tier
FixFixed bug in 'Change title for every page'. Forum post
NewAdded support for favicon.ico. Forum post
Fix[KW] token fix (incomplete lines). Forum post
NewSpecial rules for centralx in YAML format (centralx/special_rules.yml)
NewInitial support for custom top 2 tiers for silo. CSV files must be placed into input/silo/ folder. BETA!
FixMore UTF-8 fixes
ImprMore flexible parsing of meta keywords for CSV keyword based redirects
ImprPerformance optimization for interlinking
ImprPerformance optimization for [CASE_TITLE]
NewNew option: 'Delete templates once used'
NewNew option: 'Ignore initial template used on domain'
NewStatistics: searchable profile selector
NewStatistics: export domains button
FixVarious UTF-8 fixes
FixFixed crash of HQ content engine when used with domain groups
ImprAdjusted code for some new libraries
FixTreat mobile hits as human only with empty or known SE referers
NewStatistics: Chart!
ImprStatistics: +- day/week/month buttons
NewNew template tokens [CASE_*]. See forum post
FixSmall bug fixes
FixFixed lack of randomization of array shuffling on Linux
ImprTreat all mobile hits as human (except referer=[DOMAIN])
FixSmall bug fixes
NewNew option: Ignore existing domains
NewNew option: Force build new silo
FixRe-use silo tree on existing domains
ImprFile I/O and threads related code cleanup and small performance optimizations
ImprImproved Yahoo SE detection
NewStatistics: global filters
NewStatistics: SE tab
ImprGetContent: skip documents >500kb
ImprGetURLs: added and
ImprCreatesite: process all tokens in sitemaps as well
NewSupport for nested [SPIN1], [REPEAT2] and [CHANCE3] tokens
FixcentralX: do not break mailto: links
ImprAlways read first meta keyword for CSV keyword-based redirects
ImprSeparate human-se log table for better speed in statistics tool
FixSmall bug fixes
ImprPerformance optimization for interlinking
ImprImproved image generator
New'U' for tokens to make them unique on each match. For example [KEYWORDU], [KWU:file.txt]
NewNew template tokens: [SPIN], [REPEAT], [CHANCE]
FixRemove extra slashes appearing in href=,src= on some templates
FixFixed wrong hspace/vspace parameters in
FixSubmissions file overwrite mode was not always working
ImprMajor cleanup in GetURLs, proper threading
ImprPerformance optimization for HQ content engine
ImprPerformance optimization for classic content engine
ImprPerformance and quality optimization for GetContent
ImprSort templates by time, newest first
NewPHP support for centralX
NewMobile redirect option
NewUpdate all domains option (for redirects)
NewDripfeeding for silo enabled sites
NewNew template tokens: [NUM], [RANDOM_STRING], [KW], [PAGE], [TLD], [INTERN_LINK_URL]
NewNew statistics tool
NewNew process monitoring tool
NewCentOS 7 init scripts
NewNew redirect token: <<DOMAIN>>
NewNew silo token: [SILO_TOP_CATEGORIES]
NewNew fast and memory efficient silo algo
NewNew option: 'Max images per domain'
NewNew option: 'Remove diacritic characters from file names'